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Dr. Kaplan's Clinical Staff
Susan Francis
With more than 30 years of nursing experience, Susan is the key line of communication between Parkersburg Surgical Associates and Camden Clark Memorial Hospital’s Gastric Banding Services. Working directly with Dr. Kaplan, Susan provides experienced patient care and is instrumental in scheduling of surgical procedures and office visits.
Ohio Valley Medical Center School of Nursing in Wheeling, WV, 1977
Jeannie Morris
Jeannie is responsible for the coordination of the Gastric Banding program at Camden Clark Memorial Hospital. This includes the initial evaluation of each patient, assisting Dr. Kaplan with introductory education and creating individual plans of care based on patient needs. She also works with insurance providers to obtain authorization for the gastric banding procedure. Jeannie provides follow-up care for the adjustment of the gastric band after surgery and coordinates the gastric banding support group meetings.
Master of Science in Nursing, West Virginia University, 2007
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, West Virginia University, 2001
Associate of Science in Nursing, West Virginia University, 1999
Wood County Vocational School of Practical Nursing, 1996
Family Practice Nurse Practitioner
Completion of Allergan’s Laparoscopic Gastric Banding Training Program
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay is responsible for the patient's supervised weight loss as required by insurance prior to surgery. With each case, Lindsay reviews the patient’s pre-op and post-op diet, suggesting any necessary changes for proper nutrition. In addition, patients follow up with her after surgery to make sure they are achieving optimal nutrition and weight loss.
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, West Virginia University, 2004
Registered/Licensed Dietician
Brenda Oldaker
Office Facilitator
Brenda is the first person many patients talk to regarding questions and concerns about the laparoscopic gastric banding procedure. Brenda is responsible for receiving and managing patient information and records and also ensures that appointments are scheduled with each provider. At the conclusion of diet education and preliminary visits, she assists in obtaining authorization for the surgery from the insurance provider.
Registered Sterile Processing Technician
Clinical Development and Practice Perioperative Safety Workshop and Medical Terminology
International Association Health Care Service Material Management (IAHCSMM)
Purdue University Centeral Service Technical Training
Erin Butterfield
Exercise Physiologist, Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator
Erin provides an exercise prescription and guidelines for aerobic conditioning, strength training and flexibility to help ensure that patients meet their weight loss goals. In addition, she works with LAP-BAND® patients to set manageable fitness goals that motivate them to pursue good health.
Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, West Virginia University School of Medicine, 1999
Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, West Virginia University School of Medicine, 1997
Dr. Kaplan's Surgical Team
Kathy Dugan
RN, Team Case Coordinator for the General, Vascular, Thoracic Team
Kathy is responsible for ensuring that all supplies, instruments and equipment are available and functioning properly for each gastric banding procedure. She is also responsible for making sure that the operating room staff is properly informed about each patient’s individual case history.
Associate in Nursing, West Virginia University at Parkersburg, 1998
Graduate, Wood County Vocational School of Practical Nursing, 1996
Lena Burns
RN, Clinical Staff Educator for Surgery
Lena oversees the training and education of team members on the surgical techniques and procedures related to the laparoscopic gastric banding program. She also assists Dr. Kaplan in the operating room.
Associate in Nursing, West Virginia University at Parkersburg, 2004
Surgical Technologist Certificate, 2001
Debbie Yocum
Certified Surgical Technician
A key member of the surgical team, Debbie is responsible for positioning the laparoscopic camera and maintaining a clear view for Dr. Kaplan during the procedure. She also ensures that the laparoscopic cameras used during procedures are optimally functional and sterilized.
Surgical Technologist, West Virginia University at Parkersburg, 2003
Darlene Doerr
Certified Surgical Technician
Darlene is responsible for the handling of the instrumentation for surgical cases.
Certificate from Hocking Technical College, 2006
Certificate from Hocking Technical College, 2005
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